How to make interesting and mouth watering Easter recipes for kids


With Easter around the corner, every home maker would become busy with creating Easter recipes for kids and family.  A number of Easter recipes are available on the internet.  You can check out for them and create something exclusive out of it. There are Jell O deserts, Easter egg baskets, cookies, cakes and so on.  Let us now take a look at creating some exclusive Easter recipes for kids.

Bunny molds or Jell-O Eggs

The ingredients required for making these Easter recipe are two to four pounds of unflavored gelatin, egg shaped molds, cool whip about eight pounds, Jell O flavors and so on.  Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that the recipe comes out well.

Check out for ice cream bunny Easter recipes.  This is quite a popular recipe.  The ingredients required for making it are Vanilla ice creams, coconut one packet, jelly beans and licorice strings.  Arrange three vanilla ice cream balls in the shape of a bunny.  The bunny body can be covered with shredded coconut.  Use carrot pieces for the ears, jelly beans for nose and ears and licorice strings for the bunny whiskers.  This is the quickest and easiest easter recipes for kids and your kids are going to love eating it.

Making your tasty Happy Easter Bunny Salad

Salads are something that kids actually don’t like to eat.  But you can make it look attractive and your kids would love to eat it.  The ingredients required for making the salad are lettuce, cottage cheese, raisins, red grapes, celery stick and one can of pears.  Use the salad plate and neatly decorate the lettuce leaves. Use the scoop of the ice cream and scoop out the cottage cheese on the lettuce.  Then use cottage cheese and canned pear.  One can use celery for the whiskers and raisins for the eyes.  A grape can be placed for the nose.   This salad not only looks attractive but is also quite healthy for the kids. Easter can never be interesting and fu n filled without the tasty Easter recipes.  Every woman dishes out wonderful Easter recipes for their kidsd and family.

Other interesting Easter recipes – Worth trying out

Some of the other interesting Easter recipes are almond sandwich, black walnut cake, Herb roasted turkey and so on. To begin with let us find out how to create your wonderful almond sandwich.  This is surely going to be quite filling.  The ingredients that go into creating this wonderful dish are almond butter, sliced almonds, whole grain bread, raisins, ground cinnamon and honey.  Mix all the ingredients into the bowl like the honey, almond butter, cinnamon.  Then place this on the bread slice and add few raisins and almonds on it.  You may cover it with another bread slice.  When it comes to dessert preparations, Black Walnut cake is something that everyone would love to have.  To end the complete Easter meal, Herb Roasted Turkey is surely going to be an absolute delight to your taste buds.  Thus, your Easter recipes would be loved by everyone and they are going to love you for dishing out such wonderful recipes.